Customer’s Review

First of all, on September 2, during my stay, my child had a fever, so I contacted the host of the facility.
The host arranged immediately, and the next morning, they took us to a nearby pediatrician at 9 am.
and was able to see a doctor 's consultation.
The staff helped until the end, I was truly grateful.
Since my child was able to recover quickly, we did not need to change the schedule of our trip.
Next, due to the typhoon the schedule collapsed, we could only make a schedule by observing the situation,
but fortunately the location was very convenient, supermarket is close, the environment was clean.
Thank you very much for the host and the staff.
There were various episodes on this trip but if there is a chance, I would like to come back again.

Wang bo yun

There is a direct bus from Kansai International Airport to the facility.
So, it is suitable for those with elderly people, children, and those who are not good at train.
It is very convenient location, it can take less than 10 minutes to walk to the Kuromon Market, Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori.
You just turn the corner to arrive the supermarket, Seven Eleven.
This time I got a typhoon, however the kitchen in our room was so helpful.
We could eat warm food, it is a wonderful facility.

Zhan ya ping

The location is very convenient and it is quite close to Nihonbashi station.
It is very convenient for shopping at Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi and Kuromon Market, etc...
The room is clean and has a kitchen.
As we planned to stay only one night, we paid the full amount of the room charge before departure.
I reserved five rooms.
Everyone was very satisfied with the staying experience of this time.

Zhang yong chang

The host of the facility answered any question, the service is very good.
The rooms are well equipped and very comfortable.

Wu hui ya

"In Taiwan we paid charge for the 2 nights,
but since we wanted to leave the luggage on the first day of arrival, we asked the early check in to the facility.
While in Taiwan, we received information such as hotel, airport shuttle bus, room type photos etc.
It was very detailed explanation.
At the entrance of the facility, the environment is clean and neat from the first floor, the elevator smells of peach.
When entering the room, the room is bright and comfortable, with furnishings, cooking utensils, wireless LAN and so on.
In addition, the most important reason for choosing this facility is that it has a foot massage machine.
It was very good for us who were tired after walking a lot every day.
If you want to use a taxi, there was a Japanese text memo to use when you will ride a taxi.
I did not meet the host of the facility, but this stay was a wonderful experience.

Kuan Ling Yang

I love this facility.
I felt like I was at home.
Even if my child goes home, he could not forget the memories in this room, it was really fun!
To tell the truth, I also miss memories of this facility.
When I return to Taiwan, I recommend this facility to my friends.
I will come again.
I am looking forward to the next trip.

Lin yi ling

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